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February 2015

HIV & AIDS: Myths and Facts

This short booklet is designed for the general public is written in plain English, and provides the answers to 17 common questions about HIV, with links for further information about HIV.

Positive Ageing Series #1 HIV BASICS

This resource is targeted at aged care workers. It is a more detailed version of HIV & AIDS: The myths and facts – it also answers questions raised by aged care workers in areas such as occupational health and safety and legalities of HIV disclosure. Contact us for a free copy to review.

Organisations that use this resource for staff training, are encouraged to also involve a Positive Speaker in planning and running the session.

Positive Ageing Series #2 HIV BASICS

This booklet is for people living with HIV and their family/friends/carers. It explains the new mainstream aged care system since July 2015) and how to access home help and (respite or permanent) residential care. It also offers links to other organisations which provide consumer rights and advocacy, information, carer support, dementia/memory loss and independence/mobility services.

Identity and Secrecy: The experiences of African and Asian women living with HIV in South Australia

A 2014 report on the experiences of Asian and African women living with HIV in South Australia. Focused on the realities of living with HIV, women’s self-identity and the consequent service delivery needs of Asian and African women.

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) is a medical treatment that can prevent you from contracting (getting) HIV after exposure to the virus if you start it within 72 hours of exposure.

Positive Disclosure

Positive Disclosure draws heavily on the experiences and thoughts of 18 people living with, or closely affected by, HIV in South Australia. They’ve each had different experiences of disclosure. It was mainly written for HIV positive people (but may also be useful for those who are closely affected by HIV and HIV service providers). This resource includes lots of tips and hints about what to think about when making decisions about disclosure.

Women, HIV and Life

A community consultation report from the 2019 National Day of Women living with HIV (WLHIV) between Positive Life NSW in partnership with Femfatales. Thanks to all the the women living with HIV who contributed their thoughts, knowledge and experience at the 2019 National Day of Women living with HIV in Sydney.