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The Positive Life South Australia Board are a committed team of people living with HIV who govern the organisation. We set and monitor our organisation’s strategic direction and budget. If you need to contact the Board, please email president@hivsa.org.au or call 0410 707 923 (business hours only).




When I was diagnosed with HIV in 1987, I was given a 12 months to live. At this time I had a four year old son and worked as a trained Child Care Worker. As a heterosexual woman living with HIV, I felt incredibly isolated and kept my diagnosis a secret for 10 years. Then in 1997 I discovered HIV services and organisations and joined the then PLWHA board in 1997. I finally had access to valuable information, other people living with HIV, training  and became a Positive Speaker. After several years as a Board Director I was nominated for Vice President and held this position for nine years. I then became PLSA President in 2016 and as an openly positive woman I continue to strongly  advocate for the rights of our diverse HIV community  and ensure our issues remain high on both the national and local agenda.



I am happy to be on the Board for a second time after a break to recharge my energy levels. I feel that I have a lot to offer. Please feel free to speak to me of any matters that I can bring before the Board on your behalf



I have been involved with Positive Life SA for nearly 20 years. I have been a Board member for the past five years and I’m very passionate about the issues that affect HIV-positive people



I have been HIV-positive for nearly 20 years. I have much life experience and many different skills to offer the Board. In my working life I was self-employed and supervised five staff. I re-joined the Board at the AGM in November 2015

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Positive Life SA believes that HIV-based stigma and discrimination is exacerbated by criminal prosecutions and provides a platform for the criminalisation of people living with HIV.

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