Positively Women: Creating Change Through Art

The Positively Women website is the result of a six week long workshop with ten women participants, which the website describes as: Positively Women is a community-based arts research study that is exploring what it means to be a woman living with HIV in Australia. The team is also examining how art can influence healthContinue reading “Positively Women: Creating Change Through Art”

New Resources for PLHIV: options and guidelines for breastfeeding

There have been two important documents released this week, with new research and updated guidelines for PLHIV who are considering breastfeeding. The first is the rather long-titled The Optimal Scenario & Context of Care: ASHM Guidance for Healthcare Providers regarding Infant Feeding Options for People Living with HIV with highlights from Breastfeeding and Women LivingContinue reading “New Resources for PLHIV: options and guidelines for breastfeeding”