RISE Study – for newly diagnosed people

The Kirby Institute are looking for people recently diagnosed (2016 or later) with HIV to take part in a study. You will be reimbursed $100 for you time, and the interview can happen by phone or online chat.

For more information, or to contact the RISE team, visit the RISE site here.

To read about the aims and who is supporting the project, visit the Kirby site here.


To be eligible to participate in RISE you must be:

  • Aged 16 years or above.
  • Currently living in Australia.
  • Diagnosed with HIV since 2016

What’s involved? Simply participate in an interview, with the option to participate in a follow-up interview one year later. The interview should last approximately 90 minutes and can be conducted online via a video platform such as Zoom or on the telephone. If you live in Sydney we may be able to organise an in-person interview depending on COVID-19 regulations at the time. This can be conducted in a confidential office space we provide or at a private space of your choosing, depending on what you prefer. In the interview you will be asked about your experience of being diagnosed with HIV and your life since then. The follow-up interview will likely be shorter than the first interview.

The interviews cover the following topics:

  • Your experience of being diagnosed with HIV
  • HIV testing history
  • The event that might have led to your seroconversion
  • Experiences of telling others about having HIV
  • Use of HIV support services (including peer support)
  • HIV treatment and care
  • Sex and relationships
  • Expectations for the future
  • Impacts of COVID-19 on you

The RISE Study also includes an online survey component and you may also be asked to complete a 6-monthly survey at a later date.

Your experiences are important in helping develop & improve HIV support services for the future.

Bobby Goldmsith Health & Wellbeing programs

Bobby Goldsmith Foundation have a range of Health & Wellbeing programs for People Living with HIV. Some are online, some are face to face.

To get more info, visit BBGF here.

   Program type:     July to end of September 2021 
Physical health       Chi Gong (Zoom)  (3rd August @ 11am – 12pm, 6 weeks)   QIGONG is a gentle exercise routine that promotes mindfulness and flexibility and will be taught by Chi Gong and Tai Chi instructor, Kerry-Anne Knibbs. This new version of our Qigong course will be a course that is informative and interactive around the healing power of Qi.     Learning Traditional Chinese Techniques: Qigong movement, massage, intention, meditation and breathing.    
Zen Movement (Zoom)  (Currently running) (Tuesday 15th June, 6 weeks @ 11am)   BGF trainer Will Bennett will take you through this 6-week functional movement workshop and aim to get you up and active in the comfort of your own home. Designed to help you maintain functional body movements in a fun, no pressure environment.     
   Financial health x2     Take control of your finances (In person) 
(28th July @ 1-3pm, 1 session)     And again on    (29th September @ 1-3pm, 1 session)    The Take Control of Your Finances program is an online workshop that will help build your confidence in budgeting and explore new ideas around money.    
Psychological health     Positive Self-Management Program (In person Western SYD only)  (Tuesday 15th September for 6 weeks @ 6-8pm)   This program explores heathy ways to live the best life possible.     With proper treatment and diagnosis, HIV has now become a chronic manageable condition similar to diabetes or heart disease, and though this is a big step forward and it is certainly something to celebrate this advance, having HIV can complicate your life.  This course is free and open to PLHIV, partners, carers, family and support workers are all welcome. It will eqiup you with the tools you need to tackle life head on and be the best you can be.   *These sessions are facilitated by trained peers.    
 Social health     Novel connections book club (In person SYD and online)   (Wednesday 28th April @11am-1230pm, 6 weeks)     This exciting ONLINE program will connect participants via video chat where they will discuss a chosen book, supplied to and read by all in the group. Sessions will go for 90mins each with ample time to chat and discuss personal thoughts and feelings about the book and stipulated chapters for each week. It’s a great way to read some new material whilst staying connected to your peers and community.    This quarter’s book will be Happy endings by Bella Green.     BGF social day excursion (NEW!!) (In person SYD)  (Monday 27th September, all day) Venue TBC     Join BGF and friends as we set off on a day long adventure! We will leave at 9am and return after lunch. Our previous excursion took us to the Aquarium, followed by lunch at Rashay’s.  Details for this excursion are TBA closer to the date.
Creative writing (Zoom)  (Thursday 5th August @11:30am-1pm, 6 weeks) ]   If you have always wanted to write a short story/poem/play or song lyrics, then this course can get you started on your writing journey to better health. New research suggests that writing about emotions and stress can boost immune functioning for people living with HIV (PLHIV).  Creative writing can help PLHIV not only think about their illness in a different way, but also improve their quality of life. The course is run by Heather Taylor-Johnston – a published author from South Australia.      Art phoenix (NEW) (National art school) (In person)  Dates and times TBC (mid-Aug post Covid)    The Art Phoenix classes are motivational and inclusive for all attendees at all levels.  Beginner’s welcome. You will be supported by the National school of art, Creative Arts tutor, or you can work on your own project if you prefer. This program will run in the afternoons to give access to those who might be working during the day but would still like to join in and socially connect with peers.    
Art matters exhibition 7th – 10th October @ 630-9pm  Wilsons’s café, Surry Hills     This BGF art exhibition was scheduled to run last year but was cancelled due to Covid. We are reviving it this year so we will need all BGF clients who have artwork that they would like to exhibit, to send in their artworks!    For more info pls email Ruan @ ruan.uys@bgf.org.au      
   Program type:       July to end of September 2021