Celebrate this World AIDS Day and have a HIV test

This Tuesday 1 December, Positive Life South Australia celebrates the World AIDS Day 2020 theme Global solidarity, shared responsibility.

As we unite together in solidarity to commemorate World AIDS Day and remember our friends and partners who’ve lost their lives to AIDS, we keep in mind our shared responsibility to end HIV, whether we’re living with HIV or not. 

“In 2020, our attention, along with the rest of the world, has been absorbed by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Kath Leane, Positive Life SA President. “Now more than ever we understand how much health is interlinked with the critical issues of human rights, gender equality, social protections, as well as equal access to information, treatment and services.”

“Whether it’s HIV or COVID-19 transmission, prevention in our communities must go beyond the bio-medical strategies of test and treat,” said Ms Leane.  “Shame and fear are still the strongest levers that fuel transmission. Misinformation only makes things worse.”

“When we integrate stigma-free testing into our social relations and practices, and incorporate these into gender-responsive approaches, we will begin to address the social aspects of transmission and prevention,” she said.

“We are especially conscious in this time of COVID-19, we know that if we are to succeed, leaving people behind is not an option.”

The keys to end the colliding pandemics of HIV and COVID-19, will be putting people at the centre to find local solutions. Local context is key. We must ground our responses in human rights as we seek to eliminate stigma and discrimination.

“This World AIDS Day know your HIV status and take the important step to get a HIV test to protect your health and your partners,” said Ms Leane. “No one is safe until everyone is safe.”

Testing is free, quick, private and confidential, at your local doctor, health care provider or Aboriginal Health service. To find out where to go to get test call the Adelaide Sexual Health Centre (formerly Clinic 275) on (08) 7117 2800.


MEDIA:  Kath Leane – 0410 707 923

SA Ambulance Cover

Positive Life SA can pay for your SA Ambulance membership and / or renewals. With ambulance cover you have a safety net, as we never expect or know when an accident could occur. The cost is around $53.50 for singles or $106.00 for family cover, compared to $600 to $800 if you need an emergency ambulance and are not a member.

Emergency Ambulance.SA Health provide clinical care and patient transport services to over 1.5 million people, across an area of 1,043,514 km2 in South Australia, Australia.

Simply send your SA Ambulance Cover Tax invoice or a copy to us at
Positive Life South Australia
PO BOX 117
Black Forest
S.A. 5035

or discuss with one of your workers who can support this process with Positive Life SA.

As soon as we receive this we will send a cheque along with a copy of your payment invoice to SA Ambulance as soon as we receive it. They will then send you out a payment receipt.

If your membership has expired more than one month then this will require you to complete a new application form (this may mean a different membership number) will be allocated. Please check that the application form is current otherwise cost may vary just slightly.

If you’re in financial hardship and don’t have a current healthcare card or pensioner concession card, please still get in touch as we may be able to assist.

On behalf of the PLSA Board, our peers living with HIV, volunteers and community members we say “thank you” to M·A·C Cosmetics.  The  team at M·A·C Cosmetics have been committed ambassadors of people living with HIV and big supporters of World AIDS Day fund raising initiatives on 1 December every year.