RISE Study – for newly diagnosed people

The Kirby Institute are looking for people recently diagnosed (2016 or later) with HIV to take part in a study. You will be reimbursed $100 for you time, and the interview can happen by phone or online chat.

For more information, or to contact the RISE team, visit the RISE site here.

To read about the aims and who is supporting the project, visit the Kirby site here.


To be eligible to participate in RISE you must be:

  • Aged 16 years or above.
  • Currently living in Australia.
  • Diagnosed with HIV since 2016

What’s involved? Simply participate in an interview, with the option to participate in a follow-up interview one year later. The interview should last approximately 90 minutes and can be conducted online via a video platform such as Zoom or on the telephone. If you live in Sydney we may be able to organise an in-person interview depending on COVID-19 regulations at the time. This can be conducted in a confidential office space we provide or at a private space of your choosing, depending on what you prefer. In the interview you will be asked about your experience of being diagnosed with HIV and your life since then. The follow-up interview will likely be shorter than the first interview.

The interviews cover the following topics:

  • Your experience of being diagnosed with HIV
  • HIV testing history
  • The event that might have led to your seroconversion
  • Experiences of telling others about having HIV
  • Use of HIV support services (including peer support)
  • HIV treatment and care
  • Sex and relationships
  • Expectations for the future
  • Impacts of COVID-19 on you

The RISE Study also includes an online survey component and you may also be asked to complete a 6-monthly survey at a later date.

Your experiences are important in helping develop & improve HIV support services for the future.

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