HIV is Everyone’s Business

Throughout 2021, Positive Life South Australia is saying “HIV is #EveryonesBusiness.”

  • Whether we talk about HIV testing, HIV transmission, or HIV stigma and discrimination, HIV affects us all.
  • Let’s celebrate our shared responsibility to end HIV transmission.
  • There’s no shame in getting tested for HIV.

HIV affects us all – it’s everyone’s business
The HIV pandemic is not over. There’s still no HIV cure or HIV vaccine. HIV affects anyone who is sexually active. Whether we’re living with HIV or not, we all have a shared responsibility around HIV. This includes heterosexual women and men, trans and gender diverse people, gay and bisexual men, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, sex workers, people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, people who inject drugs and people born overseas. Today, HIV is everyone’s business.

HIV testing is everyone’s business
Anyone who is sexually active can contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI), including HIV. STI testing in South Australia is free, confidential, anonymous and safe. It’s time we offer HIV testing to everyone, including heterosexual people, women, refugees, and people from CALD backgrounds, and men who have sex with men. Some STIs are silent, without immediate symptoms and can damage your physical and reproductive health. If the test comes back positive, you’ll be able to start treatment quickly and take care of your health and your partners. Testing is everyone’s business.

HIV transmission is everyone’s business
Today, we all have a number of different strategies to prevent HIV transmission such as condoms, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis, PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis), needle and syringe programs, and the use of HIV antiretroviral treatment by people living with HIV to reduce our HIV viral load and prevent onward transmission. Let’s celebrate our shared responsibility in ending HIV transmission.

HIV stigma and discrimination is everyone’s business
Wherever and whenever stigmatising comments about AIDS or HIV or discriminatory practices go unchallenged, they impact people living with HIV and create risks to our lives, health and community. It’s everyone’s business to talk about HIV. Let’s confront ignorance, dispel myths and misinformation about HIV together. HIV stigma and discrimination is everyone’s business.

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