PLG returns

PLG is back after seven months. Today we had our first Poz Lounge Group after a long hiatus and 25 community members attended. It was amazing! The peer networking and caring was wonderful.

Our new chef provided a excellent lunch and dessert. Community members were able to access fresh fruit and vegetables to take home from Foodbank. It was fantastic to see all our peers after seven months of no connection.

The room was buzzing with conversation!! Thank you to all who attended and a big thank you to the dedicated team of volunteers and staff.

– Kath

2 thoughts on “PLG returns

  1. It was fantastic to see everyone again and exchange stories.
    Looking forward to next Positive Lounge Gathering (PLG) on Friday November 20th 11am to 1pm
    Thanks Hugh for the much needed massages greatly appreciated.

  2. At our previous July 2021 Positive Lounge Gathering (PLG) we had guest speakers with expertise on the National Disability Insurance Scheme ((NDIS) give us an overview. This system is complex and the take home message I received was “If at first you don’t succeed then try try again” .
    The Senior advocate from Advocacy for Disability Access and Inclusion Inc shared practical tips about the process and advocated not to be easily discouraged. It was a valuable insight to the NDIS. There contact details are
    As many of our community are ageing and dealing with co morbidity it was helpful to add this information to the tool kit. Under there criteria HIV is not regarded as a disability but rather the disability effects of HIV on your Communication, Mobility, Social interactioin, Learning , Self Care and Self-management and the disability that may arise out of this.
    Thanks to Paul for organising this but also for the delicious and nutritious meals he provides each month to the positive community. We have new people joining us each time and everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us for peer networking. Hugh offers a relaxing 10 minute therapeutic massage and there is access to the Community Pantry.

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