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HIV Tests & Treatments

HIV Tests and TreatmentsThis booklet describes the currently available antiviral drugs for the treatment and management of HIV infection. It also
describes some common tests used to monitor the health of people with HIV, and how these tests can be used to help you
look after your health, or make decisions about starting, stopping or changing antiviral treatments. This booklet is for anyone with HIV who may be considering starting, stopping or changing treatment. It is designed for all people with HIV, whether you have been recently diagnosed, or have known about your HIV positive status for some time. This resource was produced by the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) in conjunction with the National Association of People Living With HIV (NAPWA).

Side Effects

Supporting self-management for the South Australian HIV/AIDS community living with medication side effects. Need to know more?... utilises community experience to address the impact of side effects from HIV/AIDS medications on those living with HIV.

The following information sheets were produced by 4th Year Occupational Therapy students, Anna Kardachi and Claire Zalipka, in collaboration with PLWHA (SA) Inc., HIV positive community members, and key HIV sector providers in South Australia.  © 2007 - PLWHA (SA) Inc., Uni SA.

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