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Until April 2014, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) did not allow doctors to prescribe HIV treatment to people with CD4 counts above 500 who had no clinical symptoms.

This barrier has now been removed, and today ANYONE in Australia with HIV who has a Medicare card can receive subsidised treatment through the PBS.

Today is also the official launch date of the national “Wait is Over” campaign. NAPWHA spokesperson Bill Whittaker said that a key aim of the “Wait is Over” campaign was to inform people with HIV that they can now start HIV treatment as early as they choose.  “As well as emphasising the health benefits of HIV treatment, the campaign also recognises that if someone takes HIV treatment successfully their chance of passing on their HIV to others is greatly reduced.  HIV treatment can potentially help free people with HIV from a huge burden of guilt, blame and anxiety about possibly infecting others.” 

To find out more head to the website at: 

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m: PO Box 117, Black Forest SA 5035
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