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  • PLWHA (SA) with advocacy & lobbying situated at the back of ACSA
  • PLC also situated at ACSA



  • An incorporation forum was held 10th April in which the first committee was elected
  • PLWHA (SA) incorporated April 26th
  • A forum was held May 8th to actively seek representation on Government task force, ACSA & NAPWA
  • High death rate reported from HIV/AIDS
  • 6th November saw the common seal used for the lease of premises at 180A Gray St Adelaide to give the association an independent location
  • Transfer of Management of Positive Speakers Bureau 20th November



  • Training began for new positive Speakers and volunteers for the 1800 peer support line
  • April saw the start of the 1800 peer support line
  • PLWHA (SA) celebrated its 1st birthday on 1st May at ADAC
  • A forum held in May focusing on the relocation of the PLC
  • June 25th Public meeting @ Richmond Hotel with the decision to split from ACSA
  • The current format of Positively Talking started bi-monthly editions
  • PLWHA (SA) employ their first paid staff
  • Alan Sulley was Convenor & Shaun McCausland was Alternate Convenor and Secretary



  • After being launched & dedicated by the Honourable Don Dunstan, PLWHA (SA) began operations on the 1st April @ Rosemont, Kensington Rd Norwood
  • PLWHA (SA) celebrates 2nd B/day
  • Dennis Cook was Centre Coordinator
  • Rosemont Advisory Committee formed
  • Alan Sulley was Convenor & John McKenna was Alternate Convenor



  • PLWHA (SA) changed from being a Committee to a Board of Management
  • PLWHA (SA) ceased the 1800 info line due to the development of a national 1800 HIV Health Information line
  • February saw PLWHA (SA) become involved with the Family Camp
  • PLWHA (SA) celebrates 3d B/day
  • 16th October- PLC ceased operations @ Rosemont
  • 19th October- PLC began operations @ Glandore
  • As of June, Julian Nicholls was President & John McKenna was Vice-President



  • PLWHA (SA) celebrates 4th B/day
  • Suzi Quixley facilitated & produced the development review- "Name It, Own It, Deal With It and Move On" completed October
  • For the first time in Australian HIV history PLWHA (SA) had its first indigenous President- Rodney Junga Williams & its first indigenous Centre Coordinator (Neville Fazulla) at the same time. Katherine Leane was Vice-President
  • Rodney Junga Williams departs the org and Shaun McCausland becomes President
  • Neville Fazulla resigns as Centre Coordinator
  • Employment of Damien Dempsey as Volunteers' Coordinator



  • Negotiations with the funding body see an increase in funding so that PLWHA (SA) can employ a Manager instead of a Coordinator, Mary Anne Lovejoy was employed as Manager in April
  • PLWHA (SA) celebrates 5th B/day
  • Clean needle program started at the PLC
  • A review of the Transport service began
  • As of June Shaun McCausland was President & Katherine Leane was Vice-President



  • PLWHA (SA) celebrates 6th B/day
  • Shaun McCausland left his role as President & Steve Asher became Acting President. After resigning, Tony Minge filled the role of Acting President. David Vermeeren became Acting Vice-President



  • PLWHA (SA) celebrates 7th B/day
  • Steve Asher took on the official role as president & Tony Minge as Vice-President. At the November elections David Vermeeren was President & Tony Minge as Vice-President



  • PLWHA (SA) receives a $7000 grant from ANET to produce its first Strategic Plan
  • Pilot program the HIVE food store begins its 1 year trial with funds from ACSA & infrastructure from PLWHA (SA)
  • March 30th PLWHA (SA) employed Chris Browne as Manager (Again?)
  • May saw the departure of David Vermeeren as President, Tony Minge became Acting President & Katherine Leane became Acting Vice-President
  • PLWHA (SA) 8th Birthday
  • At the November elections Tony Minge was the official President & Katherine Leane as the official Vice-President



  • PLWHA (SA) celebrates 9th B/day
  • The introduction of 3 Board Portfolios- Advocacy, Fundraising & Media (Pos Talk)
  • The HIVE began operating in February
  • September noted the signing of an MOU between PLWHA (SA) & ACSA
  • At the November elections Tony Minge was President & Katherine Leane as Vice-President



  • PLWHA (SA) celebrates 10th B/day
  • Adelaide hosts NAPWA conference- Our Place, Your Place- In the Bigger Picture
  • NAPWA Declaration of Rights launched at Adelaide conference
  • At the November elections Tony Minge was President & Katherine Leane as Vice-President
  • Chris Browne resigns as Manager



  • PLWHA (SA) B/day fundraiser 26th Feb
  • PLWHA (SA) celebrates its 11th B/day
  • Extensive workshops begin for updating the Strategic Plan
  • Ex-President Shaun McCausland dies in March
  • Retreat held April 7th to 10th
  • Madeleine Pattingale appointed as new Manager
  • PSB wins Community Service award & Tony Minge wins the Leadership award at the GALA's
  • New logo designs presented at AGM for consultation
  • At the November elections Tony Minge was President & Katherine Leane as Vice-President
  • Board induction manual is instituted



  • Formation of Poz Het group
  • Workshops continue to finalise updated Strategic Plan
  • Birthday fundraising Cabaret 11th Feb
  • Workshop starts for updating the constitution
  • PLWHA (SA) celebrates its 12th B/day
  • The HIVE wins the GALA award for outstanding community support & Desi d'Orsay Lawrence wins an award in the Care & Support category
  • 1st August PLWHA (SA) launched its very first logo alongside the launch of the 2007/2010 Strategic Plan.
  • At the November elections Tony Minge was President & Katherine Leane as Vice-President



  • The HIVE celebrates its 5 year anniversary
  • February retreat at Aldinga
  • Young Poz gays support group begins in March
  • PLWHA (SA) celebrates its 13th B/day
  • April, May & June the Board does extensive workshops to make changes to the constitution
  • PLWHA (SA) instigates a forum re: advocacy action with disclosure of HIV to sexual partners
  • PSB handbook is launched in September
  • New constitution is adopted on Tuesday 30th September
  • At the November elections Tony Minge was President & Katherine Leane as Vice-President



  • PLWHA (SA) celebrates 14th B/day
  • No Interest Loan Scheme launched
  • Community tools library begins operation
  • PLWHA (SA) enters into a new Government contract to become a Health Promotion orientated organisation, resulting a restructure of staff.
  • An updated Strategic Plan is in its infancy to complement the new contract
  • At the November elections Tony Minge was president and Katherine Leane as Vice President



  • Madeleine Pattingale leaves the Manager position
  • Rob OBrien employed as Acting Executive Officer and later pernanently appointed to the position
  • 24th August 2010 a Special General Meeting is held to update the constitution and members vote to change the organisation name to Positive Life SA
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